Monday, July 14, 2014

lots of craaazy stuff!: June 23

SSSSSOOOOOOOO lots of crazy things have happened. Claro. Bem-vindo á missão.

So lets see:

-I went on a division with a girl from Tonga who can barely speak the language. And Im still in training! Guess the zone leaders have a lot of trust in me (a division is when two companions switch for a night and a day, so I went to her area which thankfully was only a 30 min drive away, and her comp came to my area), and it went really well!

-Went to my investigators house to invite him to a baptism and he was locked in so he had his friend kick the door down WHILE HE WAS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND IT. There was blood. And he hasnt really left his house since cause he''s so embarrassed about the bump hahahahahaha.

-First SERVICE PROJECT!!! We went and cleaned out a dumpy lot so that the mental hospital can start a little garden. Theres an Elder here that is basically the same person as Kristoff from Frozen and he threw two full grown trees over a ginormous fence like they were nothing! So entertaining. And then we got to hang out with the mental patients and an Elder got kiss-attacked by a crazy woman. So that was fun.

-Osvaldo (my faaaaaaaavorite less active) is going to EVERY church activity now and just started his mission papers! YESSSS yaaaay yes yes hes so great. Everybody loves Osvaldo.

-The other day a man looked out his door and said "Hey, do you preach the gospel?" and we were like "Uuuhhhhh yeah" (nobody says stuff like that here, like `preach´ and ´gospel´). And we went into his house and he told us that he had just finished praying to God for help, because he wants to change his life around (his life is full of gangs and drug wars and jail and half of his ear is blown off holy moly) and the moment he finished praying he looked out his door and saw two "angels" outside of his door :´)  and he knows the bible like the back of his hand! Its awesome!

-I lost my camera :((((((((((((((((((((  please pray that somebody returns it to me. I'm pretty sure it fell out of my bag in a taxi :(((((((