Monday, April 6, 2015

Still Sick- Sep 15

Sooooo I'm in currently in Brava again but I spent this entire past week in Sao Filipe (Fogo) in and out of the hospital (which isn't like a hospital AT ALL) and I had my blood tested a whole bunch and they're saying that #1 it's not anemia and #2 that there is nothing wrong with me at all. And yet I can hardly walk to a nearby store without getting tired and dizzy. I've been pushing myself these past few weeks teaching and trying to be a missionary to see if it was something that would pass and it's not passing.
So I've made it a matter of prayer and I've been having an internal struggle with this all week (stay in Brava and try to tough it out some more or go somewhere else and get better) and I decided to tell Sister Mathews that something more needs to be done. So I'm probably going to go back to Praia this week and get a few more tests done but Sister Mathews says there's a good chance they might send me home to America cause there's only so much Cape Verde can do for me and that as soon as I get all patched up again they will either send me back to CV or I'll serve stateside depending on my health situation.
I just know that God is proud of me and the work I'm doing because all the Lord asks is that we give our best, and I know that that's exactly what I've been doing. We'll see what happens this week!
Love you all!

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