Saturday, September 27, 2014

6 MONTHS!- Sep 8

Just celebrated 6 months on the mission! I cant believe I'm already a third of the way done!!!!! AHHHHH OH GOSH

So....this week I passed out during Zone Conference in Fogo. Yeah, the boat ride was brutal. So I just laid in the back with my head on Sister Matthew's lap (mission president's wife) the whole time. And not only that but my anemia is coming back too, its not just the boat, so I passed out yesterday in church too. And we had to take the boat back to Fogo AGAIN this morning cause we have a Zone Meeting tomorrow. Apparently going to Fogo every week is a normal thing. Yikes.
I should probably maybe go to the hospital but to be honest Id rather die in the comforts of my own home. Ive heard WAY too many horror stories about the hospitals here. But its okay, I won't die cause I'm getting my looovely pre-natal vitamins soon yayuh! And those helped a lot last time I was hit hard with anemia.

4) my puppies (don't worry we found them new homes) Bartok and ªThe Cute Oneª

3) PACKAGEEEE oh man those catholicy pictures of christ really work!

5) they followed me during proselyting hours haha

2)RIGHT before I passed out in church. haha. we had 70 people in church that day! usually its like 50! oh we were so happy

1)Fogo veggieeessss

baby chicks

pulling water out of a systern for some members 

2)Jimmy Jackson. Hes obssessed with hello kitty

3) Zone Conference lunch. I was just trying not to pass out the whole time

1) this is how we celebrated my 6 months. hot chocolate!

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