Monday, September 1, 2014

Frutos dos Nossos Labores: Aug 11

AAAHHHHHH OH MY gooodnessss Cleinita and Zé were baptiiiiiised yup yup yup. Holy smokies what a week of milagressssss ohhhhhhhh I love them so much! We found Cleinita working at a little teeny ghetto store and sat outside and taught her and she has just grabbed ahold of the gospel and has loved it ever since! I thought modesty was going to be a huge issue for her (it is for members too) but wowee! After teaching her about every commandment, she would go above and beyond to keep it! She went out shopping after we taught her about the law of chastity and modesty and she bought a bunch of modest blouses and knee length skirts. She's so classy oh my gosh it almost hurts. Who does that in Cape Verde? WHO? And she came to church every Sunday (even though she had work) and would ask tooonns of questions and she became friends with everyone immediately. She was so nervous before her interview but she kicked it out of the ball park like a boss. Man, I'm so proud of her, and I know that God is too.

Oh! And an update from my favorite recent convert in Relva, Tchitchi! According to the sisters who are there right now, he goes out and teaches with the sisters EVERY DAY sem falta and he's walking around wearing buttoned up shirts (as opposed to no shirts) and he's always on time to church (that's a really rare thing for most people here hahaha) and oh my goodness gracious he is an inspiration to me.

I don't have a lot of time so I'm just gonna bear my testimony.

Eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira. Eu sei que nosso propósito aqui na terra é para aprender como nós podemos ser como Cristo é, seguir o exemplo dele, fazer as ordenanças sagradas nos templos, e ganhar vida eterna. Eu sei que nosso Pai Celestial quer ajudar cada um de nos com isso, e podemos ter um relacionamento com ele por meio da oração. Tudo é posível com Deus, Cristo, e O Espírito Santo. Sou grata por eles, e deixo esse testemunho em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.

My comp got a camera!!!! Hurray!

Cleinita and Zéeeee

Conferencia da Zonaaaa. my hair is getting long

walk by this trippy wall art every day


Cleinita is so dang classy

Irmã Agustas birthday! She didn't want to smile cause she has no teeth but those EYES! so green.

random girls in a lesson

they're everywhere

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