Monday, August 4, 2014

Week of Milagres: Aug 4

Soooo as some of you might not know I was super incredibly sick with a parasite last week and spent most of the week lying around in pain, but I'm all better now!

The hardest part about that week was spending it all indoors while my investigators were out there not getting the spiritual nourishment they needed. Plus being sick as a missionary is THE MOST BORING thing in the world. You can't read books or watch movies (and I didn't have any music) so my comp and I literally spent an entire week sleeping and reading the scriptures. Don't get me wrong, I love the scriptures, but it gets a little old after 6 or 7 hours! Anywho, Sister Pitts and I just daydreamed all week about going out and walking around in the baking sun for hours getting stood up and teaching lessons and helping random people. And it sounded so good. The work is hard but we MISSED it! Every single aspect of it. Good and bad.

So this week I finally got better! And we went hard. We worked so hard and we could care less that we had sweat dripping down our faces cause we were outside again! We didn't care that we had several hours of contacting to do because that meant that we could actually talk to people again! We didn't care that we had to give a training on repentance for a Zone Meeting because we learned so much in the process and felt the Spirit so strongly and we had the opportunity to spread that knowledge and spirit around to other missionaries. Gosh, we have never been happier to go out there and work hard because anything is heaven compared to lying on your back in pain all day. And man o man. We have seen some serious miracles this week.

First off, two of our investigators are getting baptized next week!!! WOOO!!!!! Secondly, our relationship with the ward has never been stronger and they have a new found fire for missionary work and we have the help and support of so many families in the ward. And thirdly, The Spirit has been guiding us to what at first seems like random people hanging out at random houses in areas we don't know very well and then whoops, turns out that they're all less actives from Fogo and they want to re-strengthen their relationship with the Lord again. Or how yesterday when we were walking around waking up people for church we find a lady (Monica) walking around (we had only spoken with her once and invited her to church) in church clothes with her two daughters and she said «There you are! I was just looking for your church and we got lost. Can we come with you?» Uhhhhhhhhh....of course!

And Sunday, we had 5 investigators and 2 less actives come to church. That's SEVEN people. My comp and I cried. It's like the windows of heaven opened up and blessings are just raining down.

I know that the Lord is looking out for us. I know He hears and answers our prayers. Just because He doesn't always answer them right away, doesn't mean He won't. We just have to have patience meaning that we have to endure with hope, and show our trust in the Lord.

My new favorite scripture:

 Aprende de mim e ouve minhas palavras; anda na mansidão de meu Espírito e terás paz em mim.

I hope everyone in having a wonderful week!

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