Monday, August 4, 2014

The African Sun: July 14

Gosh it's SO HOT here. It's SO HOTTTT. Man oh man. Vida credo! It's crazy.

Sooo this week I did divisions with Sisters on another island! It was so amazing! Maio is sooooo beautiful! It's all white cobblestones and white sand beaches with crystal blue water. Every island has an animal and Maios is the galinha (chicken). They have a bajillion gorgeous roosters running around all over the place there! (Fogo is the donkey and Santiago is the zombie dog). It smelled like fresh ocean breeze and the atmosphere was so tranquilo. I loved it. Sleeping there wasn't that great though. At night there was a light outside that burned with the brightness of a thousand suns and shined RIGHT on my face. All night. But yeah. It was awesome.

We got one new sister in the mission! Yaaay! I'm no longer the baby! Hahahaha

The other day I ate three WHOLE fish. Heads, spines, tail and all! And directly after that I ate a GIANT bowl of slimy soup and then I ate a chicken leg like a boss. Wowee. I nearly exploded hahahaha.

Went on two more divisions with the Sister in the sort of nearby-ish area! I feel like this whole transfer so far has been allll divisions.

Thank GOODNESS the World Cup is over oh my goooosshhh now we can really start teaching again! hahaha.

Yesterday after church I saw a lady slit a pig's throat, soak it in gasoline and throw a match onto it and it burst into flames. Then she was chasing us around with her bloody pig hands oh gosh hahahahaha.

I wish I could tell you all some amazing spiritual miracles but the work has been SO SLOW in my area lately. We are working our tails off but we haven't been seeing the fruits of our labors. Our lessons with our investigators have been AWESOME and they truly have desire to follow Christ but none of them ever come to church! It's frustrating, but patience is a virtue! So I think God is trying to get me and my comp to work on that attribute some more. 

Gosh I love the mission so much. I love the people, I love my comp, my leaders, my mission president, my family, friends, my trials, the Gospel, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the relationship I now have with my Heavenly Father. I love everything about the mission except for the smell.

I love you all too!

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