Monday, August 4, 2014

allllmost done with transfer 2 aka training: June 30

I swear there hasn't been a normal day of work since I've gotten here in Praia. Every single day the APs call us. Every. Day. Cause they're always dropping Sisters off at our house last second and we have to last minute change our entire schedule around. It's hectic. We're basically the Sister APs here cause we are in the middle of it all. Any transfers that happen for the sisters pass through Praia, and they'll usually stay at our house. Hectic, but fun. I looooove getting to hang out with the Sisters in the mission!

We haven't had food or money for a whole week and a half now, but we've been so blessed! We've never actually had to go to bed hungry because:
-A member gave us two mangoes
-I found $3 in my bag one random day when I didn't know how we were going to get home from waaaayyyy out of our area
-Sisters currently living with us bought too much bread
-The Bishop invited us to eat lunch at his house on Sunday.
SO BLESSED. What a humbling experience. And it's all good cause today we got money again. yaaaaay

In other news, I helped with interviews for the sisters in Praia this week. Yeah, kind of a big deal for me cause that's definitely a Sister Training Leader job, and I'm definitely still in training. I'm surprised with how much responsibility the Zone Leaders have been giving me. Anywho, the interviews went really well. One of them was the Tongan sister that I read about on Sister Bradford's blog. She's still having a really hard time, but the interview was reeeaaaallllly good. I prepared a special message for her. And the other was a native from here in Praia.

President Matthews and Sister Matthews arrived this week!!!!!! And I've already run into them three times! They're soooooo awesome. Every time I see them I can feel their love for us missionaries. I'm super excited to get to know them better.

The other night Sister Pitts and I got cornered by a pack of aggressive/aggressively diseased Praia dogs and my comp was so scared she used me as a human shield, and they were so close to me that I couldn't bend down to pick up a rock, so I just waved my arms around like an idiot and scared them all off like a freaking boss. I was terrified though. I thought I would be going to the hospital that night with rabies. Goooooooodddd times.

-In one night, Alcides (the guy who calls us his angels) read the first 14 chapters of 1 Nephi and practically quoted the whole thing.  That was CRAZAY
-We just got another wedding to plan! yay!

I love this Gospel soooooooo much. I LOVE being a missionary, and I love you all!

-Annnnnd my camera was stolen. Great. Sooooo great. Sadly super common in this mission though D;

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