Monday, August 4, 2014

Ami é swag: July 21

Olaaaa everyone!

Took an investigator to the hospital this week! That was....uhhh...stressful. But she's all good now!

We had a lot of investigators that weren't progressing (kinda sad) but also have been contacting up a storm! We've found some really solid investigators.

One day this week was a particularly hard day (no need to go into detail) but anywho, my comp and I were so frustrated and tired and I said a little prayer in my heart for something to lift our spirits and in no later than a minute, my comp stops and says, «Do you hear that?» It was a drum beat. So we followed it and found a nice shady area with six ladies sitting on a bench by themselves playing these African drums with one lady dancing like a mechanical bull! They invited us to sit and watch and it was amazing! They sang songs about Cabo Verdean life and beat drums and danced and oohhhhhh man. What a tender mercy. Plus they think were awesome and want us to come watch them again. YAAY!

Also this week, we've been focusing a lot on our relationship with the ward and it improves every single day! And now we have people asking to come teach with us! Hurray hurrah!

We also had THREE investigators come to church this Sunday! We haven't had any investigators come to church in about 2 months now. What a week of miracles.

I just wanna say that God really does hear and answers our prayers, and that miracles happen when we have the faith that they can. Prayer is a privilege. We can talk to the most powerful being in the universe whevever we want, and I think sometimes we forget that, and we forget that we can ask him for help, even with the little things in life. I'm so grateful for prayer in my life. For the opportunity to have a relationship with my Father in Heaven.

Birthday for my zone leader! He's super swag so we made him a really gross looking but actually super delicious cake. woooo

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