Monday, September 1, 2014

LEO!: Sep 1

So a week ago we had a brand new investigator, Leo, having doubts about his baptism. So basically what happened was we followed the Spirit and just let him do his thing and alllllll of Leo's doubts were resolved so we invited him to be baptized the next Saturday and he accepted! And alllll week we hiked down to Santa Barbara and back up to teach him all the lessons and man, he was so excited. He was counting down the hours until his baptism. And his girlfriend was all for it and she wants to start taking lessons too! Man. What blessings. Leo's such a good guy. He accepted all the commandments like a champ. I'm so excited for him! I can't even imagine how excited the Lord is for him too!

Random things:
- I fell really hard TWICE this week. Yaaaa mission battle scars. My body still hurts
- All the houses here are super chici cause all the men here are architects
- Was walking the other day and I SWEAR I smelled In-N-Out. I nearly cried
- I was asked to give a talk. Wrote it all Sunday morning and didn't end up giving it cause we ran out of time. The other speaker only got 10 minutes hahahahaha
- I've been getting better at Crioulo! Ung podi papia Crioulo! Oldja pa mi. Ami é bon fos.

Tchau! Fica fixe


had a picnic here today!

MATA. the top of Brava

being zen

our lil missionary. Liandra's the classiest 8 year old of all time


LEO! I love his Jonsi eyes

my favorite tree

his family came!

helping a member out.

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