Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oiiiiii Oi Oi Oi!!!!

It is true what they say. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. The only days I actually have to keep track of are Tuesdays and Sundays. Speaking of which, I gave a talk last Sunday on Baptism and bore my testimony of it and of how much it means to me and how hard I had to work for it. I felt the spirit so strongly in the room and it was so sweet! Thank goodness they allowed me to give my talk in English! Because after two Sundays pass they make us write all of our talks in Portuguese and pick a random person to give the talk at the last minute. Woohoo!

Let's see, I suppose I should introduce you all to my little tiny district.

Sister Thompson - is my companion and I literally don't go two minutes without seeing her face. Every day. Every hour. We are glued! We have to be within sight and sound of eachother at all times, and it's weird. If I don't see her for about two minutes I start to worry and look around for her hahahahaha. She's from Missouri, she's super cute, blonde, and a REALLY hard worker. She's one of the most self disciplined girls I have ever met in my entire life. She follows the rules to a T and she's so obedient. Quite the opposite from myself (not that I'm a rule breaker or anything) but we are both teaching each other so much! She's teaching me how to be obedient and well disciplined and I'm teaching her how to take a step back and breath and to go with the flow. We make an excellent pair. She will be serving somewhere in Brazil.

Sister Bacon - she's the oldest one in our group. She's 22 and she's from Florida and she is learning Portuguese at the speed of LIGHT! It's amazing! She also teaches by the spirit really really well. Which is a magical combination. She's tough as nails and yet so soft! She will be serving in Portugal.

Sister Cullimore - she's this tiny little thing with icy blue eyes and she can get me to cry from laughter better than anyone here can which is saying something 'cause there are some hilarious missionaries here! She's super sweet and incredibly kind and I love her to pieces. She will also be serving in Portugal.

Elder Gilbert - is a hoot! He is a riot! He's actually better than television! One day he recited an entire episode of the office in full detail and dialog and my ribs hurt so much from laughing. Which is good cause when you're at the MTC youre either crying or laughing. He sometimes gives the impression where you don't know why he's here at the MTC and then BAM. Tear-jerking testimony! He will be serving in Portugal

Elder Sorenson - is who I like to call the "Intellectual Free Spirit". Not sure how to describe it better. Hahahaha. He's so funny and so intelligent and I learn new things from him at least every hour of the day! Whether it's doctrine related or completely out in space somewhere.  

Well, that's my family! Those are the people that I spend almost every hour of every day with!

Let's see, what else?:
- I think it's safe to say that I have officially become accustomed to MTC life (PFFFTTTt!!!)
- I had horribly horrible stomach pains on Thursday and my companion stayed behind with me and took care of me for most of the day.
- I also had a horrible stomach ache on Sunday. Stress? Or perhaps it was because those were the only two morning I actually drank milk :O
- My wrist hurts from attempting the Brazilian finger snappy thing so many times! Does anybody even know what I'm talking about?
- A huge chunk of my zone left yesterday for Brazil :'( BUT, we get three new missionaries coming in tomorrow! A sister and two elders. I'M SO EXCITED. I feel like 5 years older than them just because I've been here for two weeks hahaha
- I've never been so frustrated with myself in my entire life. Turns out I'm not as gifted with the language as I thought
- I MET THE OTHER SISTER MURRI HERE AT THE MTC!! And she says that her ancestors are from Switzerland. We MUST be related. Also, she's going to Taiwan. Mandarin speaking. What the hey. ESTA TUDO BEM porque I'm going to AFRICA!!! You can't compete with that ;)
- Please please please please pretty please I'm not begging you (okay maybe a little bit) send me emails (natalie.murri@myldsmail.net)! Or DearElders! Or handwritten letters! Or like a two sentence joke or something! You guys don't even know how much I love anything from the outside world.
- The MTC is its own country.
- Mormon 9:19-the rest.

Minha companheira!!!!

My district! From left to right its me, Sister Bacon, Sister Cullimore, Sister Thompson, Elder Sorensen, and Elder Gilbert!

My INSANE schedule. Behold.

My zone!

A candid shot of some of my favorite Elders

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