Thursday, March 27, 2014


First off, here's my favorite quote of the week: "If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

This week I learned soooo much about the Holy Ghost and the importance of the knowledge it gives us as is mentioned in Moroni 10:3-5 (and like a billion other scriptures). And I pondered that scripture and thought, "But we can gain knowledge of things just by reading about them or hearing about them in talks" and I pondered it some more and then the Holy Ghost testified to me, right then and there, que o Espírito Santo da conhecimento a nosso mento, e a nosso coração (hopefully I said that right! They teach us how to speak Portuguese here, not write it). AGH. So awesome.

Okay, now onto bullet points because they're way easier to write out and take less time!
- Turns out the other Sister Murri and I are related!!! Our great grandpas were brothers!!! SO CRAZY!!! Woo! Yay family!
- Music and the Spoken Word is probably the thing that I look forward to the most here at the MTC besides sleeping. I cry. Every time. Probably from a mixture of both the beautiful music and lack of sleep. Hahahaha. I miss music SO MUCH. So every night before we go to bed, the sisters in my district and I sing hymns in Portuguese and it always makes me feel better.
- Thank you thank you thank you so much to everyone who has written to me. Sincerely. Emails and letters can turn my day from an "I feel like a piece of poo" day to an "I can do anything good!" day. Keep 'em coming
- I am foursquare QUEEN which is something to have pride in here at the MTC. WOO! They call me Sister Murderi. And my band of tricksy sisters. Let's see now, there's Sister Stompson, Sister Breakon, and Sister Killemmore.
- I still stink at Portuguese (who doesn't at first?) but I can teach a 30 minute lesson on basically every gospel principle (except for tithing and chastity. I'm looking forward to those!) in the language. YAAAYYY!

Story time!
So the other day, my companion and I were trying to teach our "investigator" how to pray. I told him to fold his "armas" for prayer and he said, "armas!?!??" and I'm like, "uhhhh sim. armas" and started waving my arms in the air like, "ARMAS". Then he laughed and laughed and laughed and said "armas" and then pulled up a pretend rifle and started pew pewing with it around the room. And then he pulled out a fake sword and held it up like a pirate or something which is when I realized that "armas" means weapons hahahaha. whoops! Better here than out in the field, am I right?

And another time where there was a miss communication. I was teaching a pesquisadora how to pray and I told her to tell God the things she was grateful for. So she's going through a list of things in her life that she loves and then she said, "E eu sou grato por meu cão" and I was just soo confused. I thought her family had a cow. So I said, "cão?!? MOO?!?" and my companions looking at me like i'm a nut and my investigator starts woofing in the middle of this prayer so all you could here outside of the room was mooing and woofing and it was fabulous. So apparently in Portugal, dog is "cão". Gooooood times.

Okay okay one more story. So I'm asleep snug as a bug in my bed when all of a sudden I hear my companion saying "Sister Murri. Sister Murri. SISTER MURRI!" so i wake up and i'm freaking out and I say "What's wrong Sister Thompson?!?" and she says "We have to go back to the classroom right now". What the hey. So i'm confused. So I ask her why and she replies "we're not ready to teach all three of our investigators tomorrow. we have to go prepare!!!" and then i hear her shuffle around for her clock and she looks at it and says "oh. nevermind." It was 12:00 at night you guys. She didn't even remember it the next morning. That's what the MTC does to our brains!!!


Temple run!!

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