Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Sssoooooo this week has been long, but amazing! I'm such a changed person already and I haven't even gone out into the field yet! I can't imagine who I'm going to be when I return from my mission.

So this last Sunday would probably have to be my favorite Sunday in all of existence. Even though we didn't eat food until 5:30 at night. But Devo. Deeeevotional was so crazy. And I was so incredibly lucky because I was an usher for this particular devo and my district and I got amazing seats like three rows from the front.

 We had two guests. The first one was Brother Elliot. THEE BROTHER ELLIOT the man who plays the organ for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! He played like three or four amazing songs. Just incredible. So much so it brought tears to my eyes. And I'm beginning to realize how close music can bring me to God. Ah. So amazing. And the last song that he played he played with only his feet while snapping his fingers and his feet were flying all over the place and it was such a fun and amazing song that we all stood and clapped. ON A SUNDAY. That doesn't happen on a Sunday, but it totally did.

Then the second guest ended up being Brother Archuleta! Yup, that's right, Thee David Archuleta. Who just returned from his mission in Chile about 6-7 days ago, and he talked to us a lot about missionary work. He is an amazing speaker! Almost a better speaker than a singer I'd say, but anywho, he sang a few songs and they were beautiful and ahhhhh it was such a good night.

A sister in my district was asked to say the closing prayer for the Devotional and when they were announcing it on the stand I did a mini fist pump for her and the elder sitting next to me told me that David Archuleta looked at me when I fist pumped soooooo yeah. I guess you could say I'm pretty special. Hahahahaha. After Devo when he was shaking hands with the girls in my district, I noticed how incredibly small he is. He's literally like 5'3". Not even kidding. Just a little thing I noticed.

Anywho, I'm improving with the language everyday and my "investigators" are all progressing and are all keeping their commitments and I swear I've never laughed more in my life than here at the MTC.

I love you and miss you all! I will try to respond to all of your letters as soon as I can!

Portugal Portuguese accents are insane

Como se diz Lederhosen??

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