Monday, April 28, 2014

Cova Figueira

Hello everyone! It seriously feels like a few months have passed by since last Monday because I have been jamming my brain with so much new information and so much has already happened. It's been the slowest two weeks of my entire existence. But the other sisters told me that once I start getting the hang of things, the months go by like weeks. Now lets just see how long it takes me to get the hang of things. hehe

First off, let me talk about Cova Figueira. Cova Figueira is the prettiest little town on this volcano (in case you didn't know, Fogo is an active vocano). I have a constant view of the volcano and of the ocean. Always. The sunrises are unreal. It's SO clean (compared to Praia) and smells SO fresh and nice. And the weather here is the best in all of Cabo Verde! Even though the winds are really strong here too, it doesn't kick up dirt here. It's all black volcanic rocks and brightly colored houses and random donkeys and roosters and piglets running around the streets and mountain side. And because the town is built on a mountain side, that means I'm gonna get super muscular thunder-calves! Woohoo!

Now let me talk a bit about my trainer Sister Wilson. She's amazing! I wanna be just like her! Seriously! She's an amazing teacher and she's so patient with me! She's cute and funny and comes from a big family in Provo. We live with two other sisters in our apartment and it's a blast!

And now a few things about my past week here. I had my first baptism! His name is Erickson and even though he looks like he's 8 years old, hes actually 14 ahhahhah he's precious. We had to do the baptism in a church building that's an hour away and we drove in a hiace (pronounced "yahs") and usually they only seat about 10-15 people tops inside and we packed over 30 people!!! I lost count after thirty honestly. That was quite the adventure.

I also have an english class here which is way fun but I'm out of time to write! More next week! I love you all!

Sister Wilson and I

Praia dogs are nasty. I also taught an investigator in this alley

Tira Chapeu in all of it's glory. Sometimes the trash makes for nice scenery.

Cova Figueira! My new area

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