Monday, May 5, 2014

Emergency Transfer!!!!!

Alright, so here's the deal. I stayed my first week in Tira Chapeu (which is in Praia), got shipped out to Cova Figueira (which is on the island of Fogo) for a little over a week, and was emergency-transferred to Relva!!! And I've been in Relva for the past few days. Will I ever get to settle? Who knows!~
Relva is soooo so so gorgeous! One man called it "O Lugar da Fruta". Claro! They have a bajillion huuuge papaya trees here with papayas as big as your head! Giant mango trees too! And this place is even steeper than Cova Figueira. Mainly because it's the closest village to the volcano (so if it erupts we'll be the first to go! woo!)! It's also even closer to the ocean than CF. So basically picture the island that Link lives on in Wind Waker, except with black sand and a volcano right in your face, and you've got Relva. Also, the Crioulo here is even weirder than CF if that's even possible. All the Rs are rolled and all the Vs turn into Bs. And plus I mean it's a whole other language in general. For example, «Você não quer?» in Portuguese turns into «A bo ca crei?». It's pretty dang difficult but the people here are all SSOO excited to have sisters because we are the first sisters that Relva's ever had! It's insane. WOOO!
Alright, crazy stuff:
1. Last week we got locked out so I had to climb up our balcony. So I'm pretty much Indiana Jones now. I'm so fixe.
2. Last week I got super sick and now I know how horrible it is to be sick as a missionary. It's THE WORST.
3. Our house here in Relva is INFESTED with cockroaches so if you're ever wondering, «What's Sister Murri up to right now?» I'm either smashing cockroaches or I'm out teaching. Adventure! Onward Christian soldiers! Turns out you can relate a lot of gospel principles to cockroach infestations. Really. It's quite interesting.
4. Teaching an English class here was an adventure in itself! It was fun until a drunk neighborhood homeboy wandered in with a posse of young kinds trailing behind him hahahaha.
Alright, that's all for this week. I love you all! Tcháu!

Cova Figueira Sisters!

Relva! And volcano


Typical Cape Verde pose. Puppy in one hand, gang sign in the other.

Mosteiros! where we spent our pday




View from my window

The family that owns our house has a little farm! Ugh! I love it. The volcano is covered by clouds

Look at those green eyes. My goodness

Mosteiros is SO PRETTY!

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