Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm a "Lady Preacher Creature": May 19

Come to think of it I don't think I've had a single day here that hasn't been crazy overwhelming. Lots of really high highs and really low lows.

So let's get right to it and I'll try to cut it down to the juicy stuff.

Turns out Relva only sells pink scented TP which is a really nice compliment to our nasty tap water that occasionally smells like bad breath and poop. WOO.

Also we hired an investigator (Lita) to cook us lunch every week which is AWEsome cause African food is DELISH but she always makes us WAAAYYYY too much and gets offended when we don't eat it all. YIKES! And I drank the juice that she made with unfiltered water and I haven't died yet. YAY! And just as a side note, I haven't gone a single day in Relva without saying "Eu vou morrer!" It's true. Whether I'm hiking down a literal cliff, catching a ride on a hiace (those drivers are insane!), or drinking poison poop water (dooon't worry, we have a sketchy filter in our apartment), I'm protected by God. Everywhere I go. And I know it's because I'm a missionary.

Let's see, what was the craziest lesson I had this week...? OH! Last week we had another crazy lesson with Tchitchi. We sat inside his house and his sister gave me TWO hugs and patted me on the head. Oh my heart. And then we started singing and his other brother, Jose, who also has a mental disability started yelling-chanting as we sung and I couldn't help but chuckle because it was so precious. Then we started the lesson and it was going really well and then all of a sudden walks in a man that looks EXACTLY like Tchitchi! Sooo he has a twin whose name is....drumroll please...Tchitchizinho! Yup. What kind of mother would do that to her twin sons? Speaking of their mom, she walked in and started yelling about how her son is a sinner and yatta yatta, spittle was flying and THANK GOODNESS we had a member with us this time who could interrupt her.
Anywho, Tchitchi and his brother and both going to be baptized! And Tchitchi has gone a full week already without drinking alcohol or coffee and UGH I'm just so proud and excited for him and his brother!

And Chuduko's baptism no mar foi SUPER FIXE! Gosh I love that kid! He's gonna do great things!

Also! We had Zone Conference the other day which means all of the missionaries on Fogo and Brava plus the mission Prez and his wife were all there and I bore my testimony (as is tradition with all first transfers) and afterwards Sister Oliveira totally called me out during her trainamento on how good my Portuguese is which is kinda a big deal. And afterwards my companion said that people kept making comments on how my Portuguese is better than most Cabo Verdeans ahahaha which is all so awesome mainly because it's SOLID PROOF that the Lord is hearing and answering my prayers because I definitely remember failing Spanish TWICE. Yeah. Faith. It works, people.
Anywho, it was an amazing day full of so much goodness and a bit of sadness too because there is SO MUCH that goes into being a good missionary and I don't measure up to anyone here which is frustrating but I gotta keep reminding myself that it's only my first transfer. BUT, I'm looking for all the help I can get so to all of my return missionary friends (or anyone actually), if you have any tips or pointers or some stories or ANYTHING, write me! I need all the help I can get!

I love you all! Seriously though. I love you all.

Sister  Corbette! I LOVE her!!! She's my buddy

Crioulu for "Patience is the work of success" and while I was attempting to make Cabo Verdean gang signs I made some new best friends with the home boys hanging out in the back of the campo.

District fun at zone conference yaaaay

Believe it or not this is super typical. I see people with ginormous bales of hay on their head or gas tanks all the time

My favorite set up in a less active member's home.


Mau!! I love this boy and his baby bangs. So cute

My ride over to Mosteiros this morning. This is my weekly experience

...and this was my seat on the ride over. ADVENTURE!

Just a small fragment of our daily trek.

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