Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventures with my volcano people- May 26

The weeks are going by SO FAST now. Holy smokes! I'm already on my 2nd transfer in the field!!!
Well this week was INSANE. No surprise there though hahahaha. And you know what they say, you either laugh or you cry or if it's bad enough you do both at the same time and lemme tell ya... there was a lot of that going on this week. I don't think I've ever laugh-cried more in my entire life.
Okay, so! Yesterday Fogo turned into a STAKE!!!! YYEEESSSSS that is a HUGE deal here cause that means we will actually have wards and bishops and more organization and lots of awesomeness that we didn't have before! And we've been working really hard on training the members here (not sure if I've mentioned this before but our prez has only been a member for three months. and he has no idea who moses is) so yeah. Super exciting stuff!
So long story kinda short, yesterday was the big conference out in São Filipe, we didn't have enough hiaces so us and about 25 people were left behind. We eventually got a ride on the back of a truck with a cage on the back and after an hour and thirty minutes of the most uncomfortable ride of my entire life, we arrive. And we jump out of the truck, covered in dirt, get to where the conference is and make it just in time to hear the last verse of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and the closing prayer. Yup.
Then we hopped back into the back of the truck and on the way home some poor little girl vomited all over the place so for about half the ride home my feet were sliding around in vomit. ADVENTURE!!!! YEAH! hahahahaha. And we had an amazing Sunday full of teaching after that.
ALSO Just as a side note, I was talking to an elder from Brazil who served in Relva before me and he told me that because I've started here where the Crioulo is really thick and where the climb goes straight up the mountain, the rest of the mission is gonna seem like a pieice of cake hahah. And he also told me that my Portuguese is otímo. YES! It's hard to tell when no one around you actually speaks it.
And lets see, what are some other things about my week?
~two drunks wrestling like 5 year olds
~a ridiculously awkward Cabo Verdean wedding (in which some random rapaz full on smooched my shoulder. falta de respeito!)
~a mentally handicapped man leaned in to kiss me and I barely dodged it in time
~I've eaten Morea (eel) three times total this week. é sabi (crioulo for "it's good!")
and PS, In my last update I made a mistake with the crioulo. the actual translation is "patience is key to success" and I'm starting to catch the similarities. A lot of words are the same, and some are just slightly changed like "chave" in portuguese is "tchabi" in crioulo. and all of the V's in portuguese turn into B's in crioulo.
fica fixe

 evvverrybody has a little outside patio and it was raining that day but usually youll have little chickens and dirty kittens and half naked children running around it
                                  random last minute meeting in Cova Figueira. horrible shot sorry
love this fam. even though their sons can be total fubekas haha

​we were late to a meeting cause a chunk of the mountain fell. hehe. he.

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