Monday, June 16, 2014

Africans and me and other things: June 2

aaaaahhhhhh Tchitchi Tchitchi Tchiiiiitchiiiiiii I LOVE this guy! Sister W and I were talking the other day with an Elder that was in Relva right before us and he said that the first time he saw Tchitchi he had blood all over his face, was without a shirt, was drinking really heavily and ran when the cops showed up. And now he's here! AGH missionary work. This is what it's all about.
Don't mind the look of pain on my face. «We are all equal» ..have no idea what that has to do with a cool skeleton coming out of a cup
They were laughing and giggling the whole way up the mountain. The kids here have the weirdest idea of what fun is.

A random campo + volcano (it looks 100x's bigger in person, I swear)
I'm a tall lady
Our capela

Another child stole my camera
If somebody dies in the act of getting baptized, do they go straight to heaven?
My planner. All the missionaries in Cape Verde decorate their planners
               Ascension to mental death is what I like to call this climb
It's so steep that cars can't drive up or down it without greaaaat difficulty.
The mangoes here are TO DIE FORRRRRR
What the...what the heck is this stuff?
Relva has ginormous trees which is super rare in Cabo Verde

Maria Socorro. Don't mess with her
If somebody owns a store and they say that they're working, it means that they're playing games all day long.

Walk from Lava Rosto (it means "Wash Your Face". kinda) back to Relva, there in the distance
He used to have the saddest eyes of anyone I had ever met and now look at him! HE GLOWS NOW. HE GLOWS.

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