Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Quote of the week from my comp: I just wanna find a man that can lead my family to Zion and kick down the doors like a freaking boss

Amém to that.

Moving on. I had an interview with President Oliveira this week and oh man. That man is truely inspired. And I´ll just mention one of the many things we talked about. So I asked him what the difference was between repentance and repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and he said that the difference is between training your mind and training your spirit.

An alcoholic can go to Alcoholics Anonymous, and even though hes training his mind not to return to alcohol, hes always going to have that desire to go back. Through the Atonement we train our spirit, and then there is no desire to return to that sin. And if we strive to have Christlike attributes, our mind will become as a servant to our soul. So cool. Gosh I love the gospel.

Heres a story. so we were walking around the other day when a random lady called us over so we went over and she said, «Sisters, im a slacker. I was the second person to be baptized in Cabo Verde but after my husband died, i stopped going to church. I used to have a strong testimony, I need your help.» Woah! Talk about a dream missionary experience. So we chatted with her and she showed us her practically vintange baptizmal photos and she let us hold her puppies and it was great.

Another cool story! Ran into an old woman, Ana, who lives with her little grandson and we sat down and chatted with her (she seemed really lonely). We noticed she already had a Book of Mormon in her house and then she mentioned that shes a member but hasnt been back to chruch in five years. Then she told us her story. Turns out her husband killed both of her children, chapped off half of one of her hands, took a chunk from her arm and head and now he lives in a crazy home. So sad. We didnt know what to say so we just sang a few hymns and left her with a prayer and a plan to return the next day and the yesterday she came to church! Yes!

And these arent crazy stories. These kinda things are like daily occurances here in the Cabo Verde Mission. If I had more time I would write them all down!

This weeks been pretty slow though because of the World Cup. Every night theres a huge festa going on in the streets and none of our investigators have been home and everybodys drunk and we stopped by a members house to ask the missionaries what to do one night and 5 minutes later we hear sirens and turns out that somebody was killed right outside the members house so we went home.Yeahhhh works been real slow this week.

YO PEOPLE! If you ever think, «Sister Murris probably got tons of people writing her so I dont need to» you are definitely WRONG. I dont care who you are! It would make my day if you wrote me a little something!

They were playing soccer on stilts with that little tennis ball hahaha

yaaaaaay my area.

cãozinho con olhos BEM CLAROS!

That stuff is literally playdough aaaand it's so gross. haha. And that chicken tasted like fish. That ain't right.

My puppy Jonathan! We hang out in this alley a lot.

Jonathan's going blind :(

OSVALDO (in the pink) ooooohhhhhhhhhhh man I love him SO MUCH! We are trying so hard to get him to serve a mission. Nicest guy in Praia.

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